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Harry Singh from and I am proud to announce Futures Truth Magazine has named "Tradingstarpro live trading room" as one of the Top 10 trading rooms in the United States in a study conducted by Dr. Dean Handley. 
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"The study took into account over four years of evaluation, 47,000 historical trade records and 19,000 prospective trades. In Dr. Handley’s study, he reviewed more than 400 futures trading websites and evaluated them using several factors including their transparency, proven track record, and the likelihood of them assisting traders become successful". 

Join the Live Trading Room, and see exactly how the Tradingstarpro works. BENEFITS.

  • No need to purchase expensive custom technical indicator software.
  • Can use any trading platform software.
  • Subscription is month-to-month, so no long-term commitment is required.
  • No need to learn technical analysis or master a complicated trading system.
  • Instead of trading multiple instruments, the room trades only the S&P 500 because of its excellent daily range and predictable price action. One instrument. One chart.
  • System already perfected, so there's no need to try and create your own.
  • Trading DOM is visible, making it easy enter, manage trades, and exit.
  • Clear audio instructions are repeated multiple times, including entries, stops and targets, and exits.
  • Room is about trading, not entertainment, and moderator is most silently and focused on helping subscribers earn money.
  • Subscriber chat is not visible, so there are no distractions, like arguing about religion or politics, complaining about trade setups, providing customer service, etc.
  • Trading plan is based on reasonable risk-reward and the performance track record over three years shows consistent profits.
  • To avoid over-trading, high commissions and potential unnecessary losses, the trading goal is 25 ticks per week and 100 ticks per month. Depending on the account size available, profits can be increased by adding more contracts.
  • Subscribers can start with one contract and a modest account size. The option is available to "compound" profits, increase account size, increase the number of contracts, and increase potential profits.
  • Out of 588 live trading rooms evaluated by Dr. Dean Handley, TSP is one of only 14 that has met all of his stringent criteria and is recommended.

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